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Pandanas - Chinamans Beach- Liquid Lines

PhotoArt Designs

Let me introduce myself - I'm Kim Cooke - photograher and graphic designer. Photography is my love and passion.



Please enjoy my new website and photo galleries, designs and my new online photographic purchases.




Photo Art images are enhanced with special effects to give it that extra special touch. Some images look more like a painting.


I love to experiment and create a special print like no other. Nature is such a wonderful tool to work with and the effects you can create are endless. 


The site in the process of being update so new images will be posted soon.


Designs available in all print formats of glass, aluminium, acrylic and acrylic blocks.


If you would like a print please contact me or phone.


Plant liquid lines - organes
Pandanas - Chinamans Beach- Liquid Lines 2
Pandanas Tree - Liquid lines
Plant liquid lines- vibrant blue
Grass tree Root - teals - liquid
Liquid Barnicles
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