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Drone Photography & Aerial Art

Looking to catch dramatic visuals of your Property Listings, Holiday or Air BnB Rentals
Nothing engages a prospective buyer more than a beautifully rich and visually engaging photograph. 

No matter what you’re marketing, an aerial photograph provides a different and very
useful property perspective.

Drone photography can also show the relative size and distance from neighbouring properties, or the position of a house on its block, the position of dams on an acreage, also showing how far your property is from beaches or close to shops and more. Location, location, location.
Essentially, drone photography offers a new viewpoint for potential buyers, not just simply advertising a home or commercial building but demonstrating a particular lifestyle for potential buyers to envision.

Drone imagery can also accentuate the beauty of your property from a different perspective.

Aerial Art

Creating Aerial Art with Drone Photography
Drones can be used to capture all kinds of aerial imagery from above.
At the right angle sometimes you can create an abstract or the perfect angle for any art piece.
This also makes for epic landscape and beach photography opportunities.
Drone Photography allows your imagination to run free giving a unique perspective and a number of composition possibilities. This is where creative art comes into action.

For Drone/Aerial Art Photography Pricing
Please contact Kim on 04277 27085 or go to my contacts page and send a message.
I will get back to you as soon as I can with a price.

Symbol only PNG transparent for website.

Creating a different perspective for our beautiful landscapes


Creating different angles and view points for Real Estate


Images of your property location and size


Drone Perspective Home Images

DJI_0005- EDIT -Motion.jpg
DJI_0010-001- EDIT -Motion.jpg
DJI_0001-001- EDIT -Standard FINAL.jpg
DJI_0012-001- EDIT -Standard copy.jpg

Imagery from Above

Serenity of getting away from it all and capturing those special moments in time


Creating images with a different perspective

Jazz & Owen The Pominade - FINALS.jpg
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